Triplebeam Worldwide is the brainchild of CEO Dwayne DL Clark and the parent company of several subsidiaries specializing in entertainment, lifestyle and everything pop culture. Our endeavors include music, management, film & television production, concert tours, merchandising as well as an original clothing line.


Triplebeam Pictures

Triplebeam Pictures focuses on the development, production and exploitation of feature films, original programming and television series. Triplebeam Pictures also serves as a distribution and acquisition arm for fellow filmmakers and producers. Our mission is to produce and deliver high quality content that creates a truly rewarding experience for our audience


Triplebeam Entertainment

Triplebeam Entertainment is the music and management division of the company. Rooted deeply in the urban/pop culture, Triplebeam Entertainment strives to bring you some of today’s hottest artists in Hip Hop and R&B.


Triplebeam Certified

Triplebeam Certified is the apparel and lifestyle division. Focused on the hottest trends and fashions while offering Triplebeam originals in our online store.