Kanye Prez?

I told my mother that Kanye West says he wants to run for president in 2020. She laughed. As far as she’s concerned, Kanye West is a rap singer, best known for being married to a Kardashian, giving his kids names that guarantee the poor things will be teased at school, and being rude to other singers at award shows.

She can’t name one song he’s recorded, and has no idea how many Grammy Awards he has. She doesn’t know that Kanye West is a music producer as well as a musician. She doesn’t know that he writes his own songs. She has no idea that he’s a fashion designer and a self-made millionaire.

Can Kanye West run for president in 2020 and be taken seriously? Triplebeam Worldwide wants your opinion.


Bestowed with the honor as one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, the controversial rapper will only be 43 in 2020.  That’s young by presidential standards, but Teddy Roosevelt was 42 when McKinley was assassinated and John F. Kennedy was 43 when he was elected. The Constitution only says a president must be 35. So, not impossible.

Kanye West is African-American, but Barack Obama has proven that’s no barrier to the White House in the 21st century. General Colin Powell has been asked to run; Dr. Ben Carson is running. So, not impossible.

Kanye West is a self-made millionaire. He’s owned restaurants, co-owned a music-streaming company, designed shoes and clothing, and owned a fashion label. He’s run these companies, and he didn’t start out with Daddy’s money. He earned it himself. Donald Trump is running on the basis of his business and leadership skills. So, not impossible.

Kanye West is creative, whether the medium is music, words, or cloth. Kanye West is a philanthropist; he’s raised money for underprivileged youth, hurricane victims, veterans with PTSD, and many other causes. He’s got a brain and a heart, both of which a president needs. So, not impossible.

President West in 2020?  Is it possible? It’s certainly not impossible.